Benjamin Webster Truman

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design — 2008

Black Mesa
Design Lead — 2017 to present
Reimaging and redesigning the Xen levels from Half-Life, iterating puzzle structure, fine-tuning environmental narrative, and pacing the gameplay

Story Lead & Choreography Lead — 2005 to present
Adapting the original Half-Life script, creating new scripted sequences and writing dynamic dialog for Non-Player Characters; directing Voice Actors; supervising Choreography Department; assisting with marketing materials, media relations, community management, and game trailers

Google/Niantic Labs + Cryptozoic Publishing
Writer — 2013 to 2015
Adapting storyline from hit mobile game, Ingress, into the graphic novel, Ingress: Origins

City High School   Tucson, AZ
Instructor  — 2011 to present
Teaching video game development and design at a progressive, STEM-focused charter high school. Software and skills include programming in GameMaker Studio & GameMaker Studio 2, non-linear video editing, and Portal 2 Puzzle Maker.
I also run the afterschool Dungeons & Dragons Club, preparing and improvising narrative across an open-ended yearlong adventure

IDW Publishing
Writer — 2010 to 2012
Co-Creator and Writer of graphic novel A Man Named Hawken

Voices, Inc.   Tucson, AZ
Instructor  — 2009 to 2011
Instructor for youth (ages 14-21) documentary arts program. Leading writing workshops; Producing and editing stories and essays on deadline for radio broadcast, print and web publishing

Dark Horse Comics
Writer — 2008 to 2009
Writer for Dark Horse Presents, Conan the Cimmerian, Creepy Comics

2018 — The Rankin Award— Received from the Robert E. Howard Foundation for artistic achievement depicting REH’s life and/or work, for interior art for “The Horror from the Mound” in Vampire Classics: Graphic Classics Vol. 26.

2014 — "GHOST", animated short film, 1st Place in First Friday Shorts at the Loft Cinema

2012 — Featured Writer in New York Times Best Selling Graphic Novel, FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead

2001 — National Scholastic Award for Short Story

SCOUT: Marauder. Self-Published via Kickstarter, upcoming in 2019.

"Trophy." The Conan Reader. Dark Horse Comics, 2018.

"Home for the Hunt." The Colossal Conan the Cimmerian. Dark Horse Comics, 2018.

"The Sorrow of Akivasha." The Colossal Conan the Cimmerian. Dark Horse Comics, 2018.

“Bearer of Secrets.” FUBAR: All-Star FUBAR. Alterna Comics, 2018.

Trumanthology: An Anthology of Stories by Benjamin Truman. Self-Published via Kickstarter, 2017.

“The Horror from the Mound.” Vampire Classics: Graphic Classics Vol. 26. Eureka Productions, 2016.

"FLAVR BLASTRZ." New Nebula. New Nebula Publishing, 2016.

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* Proficient in Final Draft, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, 3Ds Max, GameMaker Studio, GameMaker Studio 2, Unreal Engine, and Source SDK Tool Set.
* Experienced in writing in the following formats: Comic, Video Game, and Screenwriting.
* Operated three successful Kickstarters: New Nebula, Trumanthology, and SCOUT: Marauder.

REFERENCES   Available Upon Request