Sunday, February 1, 2009

First published work! Very proud of this short, 8 page Conan story that premiered online, as part of Dark Horse MySpace Presents series.

I did all of the plotting for this issue, and my Dad filled in the dialog with colorful Hyborean languages, geography, turns of phrase, etc.

Marian Churchland did an amazing job on art. 

"The tale is so classic, so perfect, it plays like a hundred-year old fable; it could have been an episode of Jim Henson's Storyteller." - Comics Bulletin

"A yarn that underscores the fact that there's more to our beloved barbarian than brute force and bloodied metal." - Philip Simon, Editor at Dark Horse Comics

The Preview is below, as well as an unused bonus cover!
By Crom!


Cover Illustrated by Marian Churchland