Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Interview with my Dad and I for CCI (Comic Con Insider?) from the website, Comic Book Resources.

We talk the development of Hawken, and what's in store for readers within the 6 issue series to be published by IDW starting November, 2011.

"Hawken" has some supernatural elements to it, as the character is followed by ghosts of those he's killed. Who are these ghosts, and how do they help Hawken in his vendetta?

Tim: The fact that they aren't just random ghosts, and that each one is someone that Hawken had a hand in killing, is a major factor in the story. And, believe me, he's killed a lot of folks. So they don't really want to help Hawken, but for some reason they seem to be cursed to do so -- at least for as long as it takes Hawken to finish his vendetta. They can't lie to him, but they can parse out what they tell him and try to trip him up or cause him doubt. It doesn't matter whether he lives or dies, succeeds or fails. When he's done, they're out of there.
Ben: The thing about the ghosts is that you're never sure if they are actually there...Did Hawken actually bring something back from when he was left for dead, or are the ghosts simply delusions created from that traumatic event? Is he like that poor homeless guy talking to himself downtown, or is he actually conversing with someone from the other side?
One thing to watch for is a key group of ghosts that, real or not, seem to reflect aspects of Hawken's personality -- questions he's asking himself, problems he's encountered, memories that he might be trying to push back.
Tim: It's another element that we think separates "Hawken" from a typical revenge story. The ghosts are very important. As the story progresses, folks will find that there's extra credit for readers who take note of what's going on when particular ghosts show up. Tracking Hawken's "haints" is one of the most intriguing aspects of the tale.
There are aspects that we can't get into because they're intended as big "reveals" as the story proceeds. This first six-issue arc is very carefully and tightly structured and there are many surprises around the bend.