Monday, October 15, 2012

Ben & Tim will be attending the Tucson Comic Con, thanks to Fantasy Comics, promoting the upcoming Hawken collection, "A Man Named Hawken." We'll be sharing the Fantasy Comics table with some amazing talent!

Visit the Fantasy Comics booth this year to meet a great assortment of industry professionals from DC,IDW,IMAGE, personal works and more such as Tony Harris (Ex Machina),Zach Howard (The Cape),B Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick) as well the up and coming (The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull) with fellow guest Tony Harris), Nick Runge ( Judge Dredd) and Timothy Seeley (HACK/SLASH)  Ben (Hawken,DHP and FUBAR)Tim Truman (Hawken,Conan, Jonah Hex). We are looking forward to their visit at our show and we are very excited to have them! Big thanks to Fantasy Comics!
This is the first time dad has returned to Tucson since we created Kitchell Hawken in the Summer of 2010.
Who knows what will spawn from this visit?