Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I know my Mom is proud that I'm in a best selling book, but I think that book being mentioned on NPR is the cherry on top. 

From the FUBAR Blog:
FUBAR Central Command is beyond proud to be featured in Kickstarter’s year in review. We got a mention for being the first ever Kickstarter funded graphic novel to hit the New York Times Best Seller’s list. We’re beyond proud to use a platform like Kickstarter to fund our projects. After reviewing the whole slide show of Kickstarter’ssuccesses of 2012 I think it’s clear that the site and model aren’t going anywhere AND that they do amazing work and provide an incredible service by allowing independent projects to finance their dreams. Truly inspiring.
This morning NPR’s blog featured the list of projects mentioned in the KS slideshow. Once again we were humbled to see that FUBAR is at the top of the list of featured success stories.