Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kickstarter name drops FUBAR

From the FUBAR facebook page: "Kickstarter talks about how it has over 5 million backers in their new blog post today. 50,755 successfully funded projects. Out of those 50,755, only two get mentioned, FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead is one of them. Bang."  

Kickstarter's bread and butter remains projects that raise less than $10,000, and many of these projects have gone on to do great things. Room 237, a Sundance-award winning documentary about The Shining, and FUBAR 2, a graphic novel that hit the NY Times Best Sellers list, raised less than $10,000 and went on to receive critical praise and reach a wide audience. We hear stories like these all the time. 
Post by Fubar.