Black Mesa is a critically acclaimed reimagining of the PC gaming milestone, Half-Life.

As Story Lead, I was in charge of overseeing every scripted story event from beginning to end.
  • Adapting the original script for use on the Source Engine.
  • Creating new scripted sequences and writing dynamic dialog for Non-Player Characters.
  • Directing a team of Voice Actors
  • Implementing scenes in game, and supervising the Choreography Department
  • Responsible for the creation and completion of 6500 lines of dialog and 2000 new scripted sequences
Since becoming Design Lead in 2017, I have worked on iterating and playtesting puzzle structure, fine-tuning environmental narrative, and pacing the gameplay across the final chapters.

Black Mesa: Xen will be available in Q2 of 2019.

You can purchase Black Mesa on Steam HERE.

"This is a slick affair rather than an amateurish one, and that extends to writing and voicework too" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun