Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After Conan left Cimmeria and entered into a successful career as a brutal mercenary, he became the leader of Princess Yasmela's Khorajan army. In the calm after a successful campaign, Conan quickly tires of his pampered life as the princess's protector and lover. While Joe Kubert shows us what trouble a restless barbarian can get into on royal palace grounds, Tim Truman takes us back to the Cimmerian village of Conan's youth-where a surviving Skrae creature claws its way toward Fialla, Conan's mother.

This was my first published 24 page comic. I got the chance  written as a fill-in between a major arc. 

This is a special story to me because of the tiers of mentors/apprenticeships involved in creating it.

My Dad, Tim Truman, graduated from The Kubert School
Joe Kubert taught my Dad almost everything he knows about comics, and Dad passed most of that on to me.
So, to have an opportunity where all tiers of mentor/apprenticeship align was amazing. 
Joe illustrated the bookends to this story, and my dad wrote the dialog/captions there.
Then, during a flashback/other story, Dad drew the meat of the tale, and I wrote the main filler.

Home for the Hunt

Conan The Cimmerian # 14

Conan created by Robert E Howard
Illustrated by Joe Kubert & Timothy Truman
Written by Timothy Truman & Benjamin Truman
Cover by 
Joseph Michael Lisner


In memory of Joe Kubert, 1926 - 2012