Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ten thousand years before Conan disturbed the forbidden Temple of Set, princess Akivasha -- daughter to the first great ruler of Stygia -- was transformed into a vampire and cursed to haunt its halls forever. Her pampered years of hedonistic pleasure behind her, the beautiful Akivasha spent centuries with desiccated mummies and skittering monsters, as a deep loneliness grew within her. Now, something has awakened her from tedious ages of boredom. She immediately senses Conan’s power and vitality when he steals into the temple, and she vows to take this Cimmerian warrior as her lover -- or at least have a good time killing him! Spinning out of Robert E. Howard’s Hour of the Dragon novel comes the untold tale of Akivasha, the title character to Howard’s “I Am the Woman Who Never Died” chapter.

This is a story told from the point of view of a side character in the Conan mythos, Akivasha, "The Woman Who Never Died", "The Queen of Sorrow".
At the time, Twilight was extremely big and so I chose to give this Vampire-like creature a love interest besides the titular Cimmerian.

Our editor, Phillip, said they got mail about this issue for months after it was published. Very proud of this tale!

You can see some of Paul Lee's sketch/concept work and behind the scenes work for this issue HERE.

Sorrow of Akivasha
Conan The Cimmerian # 15

Conan created by Robert E Howard
Written by Timothy Truman & Benjamin Truman
Illustrated by Paul Lee
Cover by Joseph Michael Lisner