Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Now available!

Head over to your local comic shop, amazon or comixology to get your copy today and read the "dirty and foul" horror western that critics call "too damn good to pass up"!

Collecting the complete 6 issue series "HAWKEN", published by IDW.
Illustrated by Timothy Truman

"Scalphunter, raider, killer-for-hire: Kit Hawken has been a bad man for most of his long life. Scalped, tortured, and left for dead by the mysterious order called The Ring, Hawken returns, seeking vengeance… aided by shanghai Mary, a shrewd, opium dealing brothel manager… trailed by Sombre, the deformed, psychotic murderer who was once Kit Hawken’s protege… and surrounded by the ghosts of every person he’s ever killed! Are the phantoms real, or illusions from Hawken’s blood-soaked past?
With A Man Named Hawken, The Trumans redefine the western horror genre and prove that the west wasn’t just wild — it was god damn ugly."

The Wrap Around Cover: