Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lep·i·DOP·ter·a - <noun> The insect order comprising butterflies, that in the adult state have four membranous wings more or less covered with small scales. From greek: Lepido- ("scale") + -pterous ("having wings").  

A short film written, created and assembled within a school quarter, made for Animation Layout & Scene Design class while attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
As the Project Lead, I wrote the script and directed the film. We named it LEPIDOPTERA because the title evokes a frail, fragile thing that can't be touched by human hands without being hurt or killed.

Art Lead/Original Concept

Lead Animator
Jen Gilbert

Environment Artist
James Brainerd

Environment Artist
Eric Ricci

Environment Artist
Derek Madden

Music Copyright (c) Alberto Iglesias, All Rights Reserved.

I also story boarded some scenes: